Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why CannaStrips ?

CannaStrips are formulated and manufactured by pharmaceutical professionals, complying with the most strict regulations and use the highest grade of medicinal and pharmaceutical ingredients. Years of cannabis research combined with the world’s most advanced edible film-strip technology results in a healthy, stable and tasty form of medication. Never before has dosing and certainty been so accessible for medicinal marijuana, and CannaStrips are designed to be your most reliable source.

Every strip contains a concentrated and controlled amount of pure cannabis. You can be sure that each strip contains a dose of active cannabinoids that deliver the most pleasing result of comfort, pain relief, sleeplessness reprieve, nausea aid, and many other conditions. Edible film strips also utilize the body’s oral mucosa for delivery of the active ingredients, which means that the medicine enters the body more efficiently and does not succumb to the degradation that occurs in the stomach, as opposed to other edible marijuana products. Here are a few of the reasons why so many patients are going crazy over CannaStrips.


- Quality – Made from 100% Organic Hybrid flowers (60% Indica / 40% Sativa)
- Consistency – Strips are produced in a pharmaceutical lab for exact dosages every time! (20mg of active pure cannabis oil per strip)
- Daytime formula that gives you the medicinal benefits patients want without knocking you out or hindering your daily routine.
- Medicine is administered sub-lingually through the body’s oral mucosa for a quick delivery of medicinal relief.
- Great mint taste that freshens breath.


- Easy to carry and consume.
- Avoid smelly smoke at work, around children, anytime you want to keep your MMJ patient status confidential.
- Great for traveling when you do not have access to your medical cannabis.


- Healthier alternative to smoking. (No carcinogens, no tar)
- No sugar (great for diabetic patients) no calories (unlike candy and brownies).
- No chemicals used in the producing the CannaStrips (many other edibles use chemicals, for example – Butane, that are harmful to the body).
- CannaStrips use all natural and pure ingredients.


- 1-2 strips will last 2-4 hours. Place on or under tongue and allow strip(s) to fully dissolve.

CaanaStrips ask that either the manager/ owner or one of your trusted employees or patients try these out so that you can see firsthand how great they taste and how effectively they work. We have a variety of packages available designed to maximize your experience with our product and get them onto your menu painlessly. We are so convinced you will love this product that we even offer a buyback guarantee! Our CannaStrips representative will be contacting you in the next few days to take your order or schedule an appointment. Should you have any questions or would like to order immediately, Please call our order hotline at:
(424) 400-1393.

Thank You from the CannaStrips team!